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Custom Design and Packaging

Get noticed with custom and unique designs from our design team.

Quality Foam Designs has the capability to create the unusual and eye-catching product that will leave a lasting and effective memory with all clients. Our engineering staff will take your logo, mascot, theme or event and master a useable concept keeping in mind your budget while doing it. Our multi-faceted manufacturing facility offers many options to create one of kind products. We have very few limits to size, shape or quantity and print up to 7 colors.

Quality Foam Designs has the ability to design package inserts. Many times your clients may have products they want to contain in a carton or case to either display, protect or fashionably present. Our engineering staff can design the entire project. We also offer a flocking, velour-like material that can be adhered to the polyurethane for added eye appeal and we can also print direct on the flock to enhance the brand. Packaging can consist from delicate products to those that require heavy-duty materials. We stock polyurethane, polyethylene and other raw materials in many densities to fit the varying needs.

Custom designing is what we do best because we have the facilities and passion to make it happen. We will make what most consider difficult in creating – simple and on target. Make your next challenge our partnered success.